Monday, May 17, 2010

Christmas In May

Hello All:

Who says that you can't have Christmas all year round. Char had told me earlier in the week that she had a little something for me and that I was going to laugh. Last Sunday Char stopped by my house for a quick moment. When Char came to the door she was hiding something behind her back and was laughing so of course I started laughing. When we finally stopped laughing Char handed me a wrapped present and we laughed again. The package was about the size of 11 X 14 picture frame. So I thought Char had a picture made of herself, Rose and me and decided to give it to me as a gift. But guess what it wasn't a picture in a frame it was a Scor-Pal. Yes, I know many of you have had theirs forever but I just received mines from my stamping pal and I thought it was great. This was my Christmas gift from Char in May. So once again who says you can't have Christmas all year long.

Thanks Char you made my Sunday.

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Charlotte said...

Tai: I'm glad I was able to make your day!