Monday, December 1, 2008

Coffe Mug

Hello All I do hope that everyone had a good holiday. Mines was quiet but it was nice to be off from work.

In my office there is about 45 employees and I like to give everyone in our department a little something. So I found these mugs in my garage and decided to give them to six of the girls in the office. I used designer paper that is retired but I am glad to be using it instead of hoarding it.

Mug Recipe:

Afternoon Tea Designer Paper(Retired)

I purchased the mug from Michael's or Joann's a long time ago.

Thanks for stopping by.


June said...

I love this mug and it's such a great idea to use that stash we all have instead of hoarding! This will surely bring a smile to the recipients - I really like the variety of things you have on your blog and have given you an award on my blog - enjoy!

Sara Mattson-Blume said...

I always find stuff in my room to work with! I know the feeling.

These mugs will be a hit!

Lisa Page said...

You didn't! You didn't go and make that cute thing when I was sick and couldn't observe, drool (O.K. maybe I did a little of that when I was ill) or salivate or CASE! I seriously need to use all of the paper that I have bought since knowing about SU! What an AWESOME way to use it! Thanks for inspiration and I am SO glad I feel better in order to be able to comment! Missed your stuff, girlie!