Thursday, November 22, 2007

Today is Thanksgiving & I am Thankful For

  • God- Whose job is greater than anyones
  • My Parents-Who created me, my sister, and my brother (deceased)
  • My Sister-For being who she is and putting up with my drama. For creating two of my lovely nieces.
  • My Brother-For being who he was and thinking he was the oldest and wasn't. For some reason I always thought he would stay little but I was nine when he was born. For creating one of my nieces.
  • For All three of my lovely nieces there all special to me and bring something different into my life.
  • My husband
  • True Friendship- I don't need to explain this one at all.
  • My coworkers- Especially those four that sit in the same cubicle area with me. I know that I can talk miles a minute some days and drive you all crazy. But thank you for allowing it.
  • Laughter
  • Being rich when I am not. If you truly know me then you will understand this statement.
  • My stamping buddies-
  • My stamping supplies
  • My soap making supplies
  • My jewelry making supplies
  • My gold Canyon candle supplies
  • Good Massage
  • For being who I am

Thanks for looking and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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rozie640 said...

Dearest Tai: I love all your little thankful details and I can see you saying each one. One of the many things I am thankful for is my friends. You hold me up when I can't do it myself!! Surely God has something to do with that, like sending me angels for friends to help me out when he can't be here. Love ya, R