Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Fall TV Schedule


Desperate Housewives
Brothers & Sisters

Prison Break
The Game

Lincoln Heights This shows air on ABC Family @ 5pm on direct tv for me. One of my best friends son is Tay on the show. So please support the show so it can come back for a third season.

The biggest Loser

Top Model
Private Pratice

Ugly Betty ??? Not to sure about this one yet but I did promise my two coworkers Cris and Blanca I would give it a try this season. I tivoed the first one.
Grey's Anatomy

Men In Trees
Whoo Hoo No I don't always watch this much TV but I do Tivo so on Saturday's when I don't have anything to do I sit and watch my shows. I am so happy for Tivo!!!!


Shontay said...

Sis, I must say that you have most of the same shows on your list as I have. I am not sure about Ugly Betty either. Lets hear it one for time for Lincoln Heights, Tuesdays at 8pm or check your local listings if you don't have basic cable.

Tara said...


I love this! You are awesome! And i love your line up of shows also. Especially LINCOLN HEIGHTS!!! Your samples are fab...I am so happy for you!

rozie640 said...

Woo hoo, I'm like you, I TIVO a ton of them and then watch them while I stamp into the wee hours. I'll be checking out Lincoln Heights for sure.